Preaching For Transformation

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My heart bleeds each time I hear the kinds of preachings that flow out of many pulpits today. It’s quite disheartening that many preachers of today don’t know the power of a pulpit. Little did we know that a pulpit is where the destiny of multitudes are shaped every time a preacher stands there. Preaching […]

Serendipity: How the Greatest Moments of Our Lives Happen Part 2

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Great people live by action but insignificant people live by chance. The thought of “whatever will be will be” has made some people a victim of life circumstance instead of victors over life circumstance. The belief that “what will be will surely be” is like saying a car will move and get to its destination […]

20 Inspiring Quotes about Contentment with Perseverance for Lasting Success by Gboyega Adedeji

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What is the secret of lasting success in life, career, marriage and ministry? The secret is that, lasting success is not about something hidden somewhere. Those who experience lasting success don’t chase success. They only chase principles that makes success to keep chasing them…